No one wants to watch American Idol anymore.

No one wants to host American Idol anymore.

No one wants to play new American Idol winners on the radio anymore.

No one wants to see American Idol concerts anymore.

No one wants to nominate American Idol for Emmy Awards anymore.

And now, no one even wants to try out for American Idol anymore.

It's true. The San Jose Mercury News observes that even the sad souls who used to line up by the thousands in the hopes of an audition, won’t even show up these days. According to the paper, Tuesday’s San Francisco tryouts had a poor showing, and “several long rows of metal barricades set up in anticipation of a massive turnout were all for naught.” People would rather busk in the subway or try out for The Voice than be caught dead behind Idol’s empty barricades.

Is it because we’ve grown tired of the Idol format? Is it because Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are nicer to look at than whomever the Idol producers decide to randomly drag in as a judge each season? Or is it because, most likely, that all the fun left Idol when it became clear that a whole generation of singers had been raised on these shows, ultimately being groomed from a young age to win? Gone are the random, awkward, and cringeworthy John Stevenses. It’s just a bunch of baby robots and even the worst of the worst can sort of dance. They're all so polished now, so blah, so over. Without the real possibility that a guy like Kevin Covais could win—something people used to worry about greatly—what's left to hope for?

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