Jeff Berg's recently launched totally-different-but-really-just-more-of-the-same talent agency Resolution just signed multi-hyphenate dickhole Chris Brown.

The moonwalking grundle isn't just a semi-talented singer and ultra-talented woman abuser—he's also quite the actor. You can see him in this year's Oscar favorite Battle of the Year, a dance movie that is exactly the same as You Got Served if the other team on You Got Served was Korean, and if Roger from Sister, Sister was a giant shitbag who beat up girls for fun and then got tattoos about it.

When launching Resolution in January, Berg told Deadline "I spent a lot of time listening to execs, agents, producers, clients. And the overwhelming sense I got was there’s a real opportunity to do something new in the agency business." Given that every announcement of his agency to date has been signing acting and writing clientele, he's totally nailing this whole 'innovation' thing.