In a speech delivered at Israel's Innovative TV conference, organized by Israeli mega-producers The Keshet Group, NBC's head-goatee Bob Greenblatt decided to shank his former NBC overlords, despite the fact that in his tenure at the trouble network, he hasn't delivered a single breakout new program.

In an obvious attempt to prostrate himself at the feet of axe-wielding maniac and Comcast EVP/NBCUniversal CEO, Steve Burke, Greenblatt took a shot at NBC's former owners, claiming his dying network “used to be owned by GE, a company that made airplane parts.” He then claimed he wanted to return NBC to the days it used to be a great network, and cited shows like St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, Seinfeld, Friends, and E.R. as examples. Each of those shows was created under the expertise of people hired by some company that just makes airplane parts. Greenblatt, who was hired by a company that purports to bring quality entertainment to the masses, helped a fourth place network fall to fifth place, behind a network that airs the majority of its programming in a foreign language.

Greenblatt blamed TV critics for keeping his network down, stating "I think in cable TV, critics are important because they raise the profile of a show. But in broadcast TV, the critics are just savage to us." He also received no support from Keshet CEO Avi Nir, who shared with attendees that M.I.C.E., the NBC pilot adapted from Keshet hit The Gordin Cell, was simply "not good."

Inexplicably, Burke has renewed Greenblatt's contract through 2017.