NBC, titans of network comedy that they are, have just offered a pilot commitment to The Big C showrunner, Jenny Bicks for an untitled mermaid comedy. Perhaps they should just title it The Show About The Mermaid, which is what everyone will call it anyway.

Per Variety, the single camera comedy from 20th Century Fox "centers on a beached mermaid in search of adventure who winds up working at a bar in Miami with an eclectic group of people." So, a Cheers meets Splash kind of a thing, which is undoubtedly how it was pitched.

"Okay, so vampires and werewolves with hearts of gold are done. What else we got?"

"How about centaurs in a fight club? Or an abominable snowman dating service? Or wait...I GOT IT. Mermaids in a bar."

According to Deadline, mermaids are currently all the rage.

[Image via Shutterstock]