It took no less than two weeks after underground drug site Silk Road was shut down for it to get turned into a movie, and now just a month after its close, Silk Road and Bitcoin are also getting the documentary treatment.

Documentarian Alex Winter will be taking on the true story of Bitcoin—the weird libertarian e-currency that those Winkelvoss twins believe so strongly in—and how it gave rise to the Silk Road. The documentary will also cover Silk Road's dominance on the underground drug trade market, complete with its cinematic shutdown by the FBI, amid allegations that founder William Ulbricht, pictured above, arranged a hit on a Silk Road client. Winter was the helmer behind the 2013 documentary Downloaded, about Napster's rise and fall, though he's perhaps best known for his role as Bill Preston in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Winter and his producing partner Marc Schiller plan to turn to Kickstarter to fund the film, because what else could currently be more startup meets Hollywood than getting the internet to pay for the movie you want to make? Oh that's right: accepting contributions in both real dollars and bitcoins—which Winter and Schiller will be indeed doing. Of course.