Miley Cyrus, appearing on Australian TV series Sunday Night, said that she believes the internet and social media like Instagram are probably worse for you than smoking some pot. This is something she can actually speak about with some authority, given that she has uploaded a series of videos of herself getting high to her own Instagram.

"You know what hurts your brain? Googling yourself. You know what hurts your brain? Instagram. You know what hurts your brain? Reading comments on Facebook. You know what hurts your brain? Reading US Weekly," Cyrus said. "I put some picture of me smoking weed...on my Instagram because I was brought up in the way that we never thought marijuana was bad."

But look, she's happy. She's figured some stuff out for herself.

"I tell people, you know, going to the club doesn't make me a bad person, going to church doesn't make you a good one," Cyrus told Sunday Night. "Everything that I do is kind of for me and for my own happiness and I think that's why I'm like so happy."

All said, she's right.

[H/T Betabeat // Image via Getty]