Miley Cyrus: Is she into drugs, or is she not into drugs? Hard to say, but if new photos obtained by the National Enquirer are to be believed: she is into drugs.

The photos depict Miley in her "drug den," looking at her laptop while various drug-related items sit in the foreground. She has headphones on. Her laptop has stickers on it. She looks fresh-faced and comfortable.

Rolled up banknote. Bottled white powder. XL rolling papers. Marijuana like substance. All strewn about, like Miley doesn't even give one shit about whether or not her drug den is put together enough to have friends come over unexpectedly or to take a young Kennedy home for the night. According to the Enquirer, the photos were taken at 4 a.m. on November 26th and sent to the magazine by a friend of Cyrus's "in a bid to expose Miley's out-of-control behavior." We can see now that this is true.

Miley, clean up your drug den.

[image via Getty]