Getting your car stolen from your driveway is probably an unsettling experience. It would be completely reasonable to hate the person who stole your car for violating the sacred personal space that is your home. It would also be completely reasonable, if you're Miley Cyrus, to become best friends with the dude who jacked your Maserati.

That dude, according to TMZ, is 19-year-old Tylor Scott (perfect), who was arrested today along with a female accomplice (who will probably have to get out of the way in this scenario, to be honest.) That's his mugshot above, from a December 2013 arrest in Arizona for stealing a Mercedes. Look at that perfectly tussled hair and nose ring. Couldn't you see him smoking extreme amounts of weed in Miley's backyard?

Speaking of!

The docs say he has a drug problem — reinforced by the fact that cops found a pipe in the Mercedes with marijuana residue.

There is a popular HBO crime drama currently casting its second season that should consider hiring Miley Cyrus and Tylor Scott, is what I'm saying.

[image via a mugshot website]