Mr. McPissy Boy Justin Bieber, who is working on being less "arrogant and conceited," will humble himself once again by flying commercial instead of private to a judicial hearing in Miami on March 20. According to TMZ, Bieber tried to get out of the hearing by claiming it would be too expensive to fly his private jet there.

The hearing is related to an ongoing lawsuit filed by a paparazzo who claims that Bieber and his bodyguard roughed him up during an altercation in 2013. TMZ reports that Bieber's lawyers told the judge it would cost $68,000 for Bieber to personally attend the hearing, since that's how much it would cost to charter his jet. The paparazzo's lawyers suggested that Bieber could just book a commercial flight, which the judge agreed is a reasonable option.

Congratulations to the lucky travelers who get to fly to Miami with Justin Bieber next month.

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