Matt Damon, former Boston nobody how do you like them apples, has largely shed his Northeastern demeanor for something of a regular guy kind of vibe; it is a look that he wears well. But newsflash, hombre: on Thursday in Beijing, Damon debuted his highly anticipated phase three: Relaxy Dad.

This is a look that confirms he remembered to set a ten-minute timer after putting those beers in the freezer.

This is a look that says, nah he doesn’t mind if you pop over, he’s just watching the game. He’ll go get some sandwiches before you get here. You want hot peppers on yours?

This is a look that says yeah man, everyone can fit in my Durango on the ride to the custard stand. I’m thinking about getting a hot dog, too. Aw, your sister’s surfboard is still strapped in the back? No big, I’m gonna go put it in the garage. Then we’ll go.

Who’s in for some Disc Golf? Or a trip to the Cove? You wanna shoot some pool?

Congratulations to Matt Damon on his admission to the Chillers Only club.

Images via Getty/Splash.