Last July brought us one of the great celebrity stories of our time, when Orlando Bloom swung at Justin Bieber in an Italian restaurant in Ibiza as Leonardo Dicaprio cheered on. Though the two have not crossed paths since, branches are still sprouting from their twisted sexagon, with the newest one being even a bigger diva than either Bieber or Bloom: Mariah Carey.

Carey, according to several reports, is currently dating—or, in publicist parlance, “enjoying spending time with”—Australian billionaire James Packer. Carey posted a photo to Instagram of her and Packer with a group of people at Cannes, and this appears to be her and her daughter on Packer’s yacht in the seas south of Italy.

Packer, as devoted fans of the Bieber-Bloom feud will remember, was once married to a model named Erica Packer. Erica Packer was tagging along with Bloom in Ibiza when he tried to knock out Bieber; meanwhile, a month prior, James Packer had taken Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr for a spin on the same yacht now shepherding Mariah Carey around the land of great-a pizza pies.

Will this culminate with Nick Cannon attempting to punch an Australian billionaire? We can only pray.

[image via Mariah Carey’s Instagram]

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