So here’s something that’s precisely as insane as you’d expect: a commercial for Game of War featuring Mariah Carey. The pairing makes sense because if there’s any musician video game fans cherish it’s Mariah Carey, and if there’s any song in her canon that best fits the tone of the game, it’s her saccharine 1993 single about self-love, “Hero.”

Just kidding, none of it makes sense, including her proportions.

TMZ posted the commercial today. It features “Hero” and Mariah lowering a crossbow...

...saying a saucy line of dialogue...

...and then running away. That gif is already posted above, but it’s so good, I want to put it in again:

(I don’t think that’s her body. Come to think of it, I’m not quite sure if that’s her face either.)

Mariah replaces Kate Upton as the voluptuous celebrity dropping by the war field in the game’s ads. Everyone gets a turn eventually, I suppose. Here’s the whole commercial: