Margot Robbie is sexy and young, but did you know that she also vomited four pounds of spaghetti once?

It's true.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show with her Focus co-star Will Smith, Margot shared this tale of an on-set eating contest, ending in roughly four pounds of ipecac-induced projectile spaghetti vomit (via Celebitchy):

"It's revolting, but I did an eating competition to see who could eat the most in an hour. It was a bucket load. I was working on Neighbours at the time and they said, 'Lunch break's over, you've got to go to set,' and I couldn't move. The nurse had to be called and she gave me the stuff they give toddlers if they swallow poison. I projectile vomited 1.8 kilos of spaghetti and then skipped on to set—I felt fine."

She felt fine!

[image via Getty]