Rumer Willis, the actress child of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and Chris Soules, the guy who used to be The Bachelor, were “spotted” together last week sitting courtside at a Knicks game. Then they were “spotted” again at the popular night club Lavo. Rumer would like you to know, however, that they are not dating, and there is no story here, oh my God.

Rumer and Chris, who both participated in the last season of Dancing with the Stars, as stars, are just friends. So if you see paparazzi photos of them sitting next to each other in the “celeb section” at a Knicks game or drinking in a VIP booth at a hot club, please do not start thinking about these two together in a sexy way. Please do not share these photos with a friend.

Rumer and Chris will share photos of themselves if they feel like it.

When Page Six asked Rumer about her relationship with Chris yesterday “during an event for Clinique’s magazine, the Wink,” Rumer responded:

Can people not go to games with friends anymore?



Can people not go to games with friends and pose for paparazzi photos there and then post photos on Instagram and then go to dinner together and post more photos on Instagram anymore?

I guess not.

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