In an interview published over at Rolling Stone, M.I.A.—the mercurial and polarizing rapper who flipped off the Super Bowl—is telling a lot of funny and uncomfortable half-truths about the ten years since her debut record, Arular, was released. On offer? Anecdotes about her fractured friendship with Diplo and Oprah snubbing her.

M.I.A.! People love her, then they hate her; they question her politics, but they like her chutzpah. Me? You didn't ask, but I love everything about her, down to the very last truffle fry. In Rolling Stone, she tells Paul Cantor that her early success was not supported by then boyfriend/producer Diplo:

When I got signed by Interscope, he literally smashed my hotel room and broke all the furniture because he was so angry I got picked up by a major label and it was the corniest thing in the world that could possibly happen. And then Missy Elliott called me for the first time in 2005 to work with me on her record, and I'm sure we had a massive fight about that — the fact that I was talking to anyone who was, like, popular. I wish I enjoyed it because I had this person on my shoulder the whole time saying, "It's shit, it's shit, it's shit. You shouldn't be on the charts. You shouldn't be in the magazines and you should not be going to interviews. You should not be doing collaborations with famous people. You should be an underground artist."

He also allegedly did not like when she was on the cover of magazines, which M.I.A. paraphrases her ex as saying, "What do you want to do, like be on the dentist waiting room table? Like, is that what a magazine is for? It's corny. Like, don't do magazines."

What does M.I.A. believe was making Diplo act this way? Envy. (Story checks out.)

Oh, 100 percent. It's only now when I look back at it in 2015, I can see that he was just jealous and he couldn't wait to be Taylor Swift's best friend and date Katy Perry.

The day after the interview, Diplo Instagrammed a photo of the two together with the caption, "Best friends forever," and M.I.A. retweeted it, so who knows.

The rapper goes on to talk about what was going on in 2005, a time when she claims things were much more progressive than they are now:

And at that time when Arular happened the world was so much more cultured. We had way better fucking music. People were having way better sex. People were eating way better food.

Cantor asks M.I.A. about an encounter she had with Oprah, which is beautiful if not only for how M.I.A. phrases its almost certain lack of truth:

What happened with Oprah? There was a picture of you two together, but then you kinda slammed her.

In 2009, Time nominated me for one of the most influential people of the 21st century or something and I met Oprah at that party. And I was like, "Hey, people are gonna fucking die in my country. Like, please pay attention." And she was like, "You're shit because you were rude to Lady Gaga and I'm not talking to you. And I'm gonna interview Tom Cruise jumping on my sofa, so fuck off."

Wow, do I love this perfect and complicated woman. More juicy stuff, as told by M.I.A., at Rolling Stone.

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