Welcome to New York, Lorde and Taylor Swift have been waiting for you at Shake Shack.

Lorde appeared on The Tonight Show last night to perform "Yellow Flicker Beat," from the Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 soundtrack. She also sat down for an interview in which she discussed, among other things, her award show-based friendship with Taylor Swift.

She recounts the time she and Taylor Swift went to Shake Shack for thick-ass milkshakes, and the time she pretended to be Taylor Swift's manager. It sounds like a wonderful friendship and, if either young woman is listening, I would love to be included on an all-expenses-paid friend vacation with you guys to anywhere in the world—wherever you're going is fine with me. I have a current passport and an open heart!

Here is the rest of the interview and her performance:

[via NBC]