Last week Woody Allen went to the same restaurant three days in a row. One day he brought Jesse Eisenberg. He had oysters each time. I know this, because the restaurant straight-up narced on him.

Where another restaurant looking for publicity might anonymously leak a celebrity visit or source the information to, I don’t know, a “tipster” who happened to be eating there too, the proprietors at Pearl Room in Bay Ridge have no such discretion when it comes to that sweet New York Post coverage. To wit:

“He comes for lunch. He’s always easygoing and very appreciative. He tells us, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow,’ every time he comes in,” a manager at the restaurant tells Page Six before detailing his order: “oysters plus chef Anthony Rinaldi’s macadamia filet and salmon special.”

Anything else? Well, Eisenberg and Allen “were talking about the movie and seemed to have a great rapport with each other.”

Did the restaurant also provide Allen’s credit card number and a detailed transcript of his questions about the menu? Hard to say for sure—I haven’t seen the print edition yet.

So there you have it: Pearl Room in Bay Ridge—the best place in Brooklyn to probably never spot Woody Allen.

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