It was reported yesterday that Lindsay Lohan, scrambling to stay out of jail, tried to pass off a fan meet and greet in London as community service. Today, TMZ reveals Lohan also spent a good chunk of her community service allowing young people to follow her around. Selfless!

Prosecutor Terry White, who launched an investigation into how Lohan completed her 240 community service hours after finding out 18 of them were spent saying hello to people, has discovered 70 were spent leading young people through the life of Lindsay Lohan under the guise of "work shadowing experience." TMZ does not note when the work shadowing took place, but does note that Lohan did not have a job at the time.

According to TMZ, White believes saying hello to fans and allowing young people to follow you around do not adequately meet the terms of Lindsay Lohan's court-ordered community service and is seeking jail time.

[If you are a young person who followed Lindsay Lohan around for "work shadowing experience," please get in touch:]

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