Oh, Lindsay. Poor, sweet Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan—semi-famous young woman who is just trying to take every day as it comes—attempted to post an image on Instagram this afternoon of the words “You’re beautiful,” written in Arabic. Instead, she posted an image of the words “You’re an ass,” written in Arabic.

As we found out through Google Translate and our friend Aymann, “حمار” does not mean “beautiful,” very unfortunately for Lindsay Lohan.

Oh, Lindsay.

Instagram followers were quick to point out, or merely rudely laugh at, her unfortunate mistake:

As well as fans on Twitter:

Oh, Lindsay.

To Lindsay’s defense, however, “You’re an Ass” is the very first Google Image result for “you’re beautiful Arabic.”

A mistake any celebrity could have made when quickly searching for a way to express “you’re beautiful” in Arabic for publishing on her Instagram feed.

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