When we last checked in with Lindsay Lohan, she needed to complete a mathematically implausible 115 hours of community service in 15 days, after failing to report to Duffield Children’s Center in Fort Green Monday and Tuesday. But things are looking up for Lindsay, because we can confirm she has served her community by trimming at least one (1) small tree branch.

[There was a video here]

Lindsay finally made it to the children’s center Wednesday (at least long enough for a photo-op) and then showed up Saturday to the garden at TLC Women’s Shelter. She dressed like a normal person would dress to do yardwork—if they were making a softcore porno about doing yardwork—and showed the court that she’s willing to clip what needs to be clipped to avoid going to jail.

She was originally sentenced to 240 hours of community service following a 2012 reckless driving incident, and reported earlier this year that she had completed them. This seemed cool and surprisingly mature until a judge realized she was trying to pass off things like her London performances of Speed-the-Plow (a.k.a. her paying job) and fan meet-and-greets as community service.

Good luck with your week of 12-hour days starring in Speed-the-Pruning-Shears, Lindsay. You’re gonna need it to finish in time. And an alarm clock. And a social conscience. And an ice bath.

Great start.

[Photos: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]