Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly bowed out of the role of Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. It is truly a sad day for anyone who likes to see Leonardo DiCaprio in movies, regardless of whether or not he is right for the part. Who will take his place?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony already has a number of actors in mind for the Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic:

Christian Bale, whom Fincher wanted for the title role, is on Sony's wish list, as is Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper (though Affleck seems unlikely given that he just signed on for the thriller The Accountant).

So, just, like, all the main white guys. But who else? Should we not Think Different about this casting decision? That's what Steve Jobs was all about! I've come up with a number of interesting choices, but please feel free to add your own in the comments.

A Cute Puppy, and Then Another Cute Puppy in a Mug?

There's no question that audiences will not be expecting a cute puppy and another cute puppy in a mug to take the coveted role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. Do they even speak? Hah. Well, you'll have to buy a ticket and find out, won't you.

A Sassy Mannequin With Its Eyes Covered?

Audiences will get why the mannequin is sassy right away, but why is half of its head covered with a thing? As Sorkin pieces together the story—based on Walter Isaacson's book—it will become clear, I assure you. How could we ever have been so naive?

Elizabeth Olsen?

She's got a good face and I like her.

Michael B. Jordan?

To be honest, I was actually looking for a picture of Michael Jordan, but, you know what? Michael B. Jordan would be great, too. I like him.

Michael Jordan?

Ah, there we go. Who better to play a legend than a legend? If Michael Jordan were to take the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, you can bet there will be butts in seats. Slam dunk.

Dawson Playing Poker?

Dawson, sure. But Dawson playing poker? Now that I didn't expect!

What do you think re: who should play Steve Jobs in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic? Please let me know in the comments. Hollywood needs our help!

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