The Edition Hotel, housed in the MetLife clock tower on Madison Square Park, opens to the public tomorrow. Until that moment it will have been inhabited by only one soul; one man brave enough to walk its empty halls; one man who knows that it ain’t over ‘til it’s over; one man who refused to fly away. Of course, that man is the American Woman himself: Lenny Kravitz.

Page Six reports Kravitz “checked into an oversized luxury penthouse suite with sweeping views and a dining room with seating for 30” at the 273-room hotel one week ago. The room will, when Kravitz ends his solo haunting, rent at a rate of $8,000 per night.

According to Page Six’s source, each of the 300 members of the hotel’s staff “have been ‘on point to tend to [Lenny Kravitz’s] every request’” as part of their training for the hotel’s official opening. Has he ordered room service? Yes, he has, though Page Six notes the hotel’s restaurant has not yet opened.

Where did the room service come from, then?

Ah, certainly there are many elements of his stay that only Lenny Kravitz will have the pleasure of knowing.

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