On Scandal, a presidential election has been rigged, a woman has gnawed a tracking device out of her arm, and the Republican president's gay chief of staff is engaged to a prostitute. All inherently more believable than the moppet hair glued onto Lena Dunham's scalp for her upcoming guest role.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Dunham appears in the March 19 episode of the Shonda Rhimes series as Kinky Sue, a woman who enlists Olivia's help with her "plans to expose the sex secrets of some of D.C.'s most elite."

Here's a profile view of the wig vis-a-vis Kerry Washington's own hair, which on the show always looks fresh and glistening and billowy as if Olivia goes to the the salon every 42 minutes.

Bad wig. And worse when you consider the hair of the show's other female cast members:

Like Mellie...

And Abby...

Even dumb Quinn...

This show is basically a shampoo commercial. Whatever styling product deal provided in a gift basket to the actresses of Scandal has apparently not been extended to Lena Dunham, a self-confessed fan of the show, which is kind of mean.

Lena Dunham's wig on Scandal looks like how a haircut by Hannah Horvath from Girls would probably turn out: not good.

[H/T Flavorwire // Images via ABC]

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