In today's examination of the difficult lives of poor little rich girls, television's savior Lena Dunham complains that unlike the classic writers of yore, she gets to take no breaks because she is constantly being forced to share her life on social media. The indignities! Can you imagine?

As she tells Salon, she is constantly writing under "great duress," duress which is compounded by the everpresent demands of social media. Rather than take the road of stars who eschew Twitter by realizing that public perception of them will remain the same regardless (see: Jennifer Lawrence, have we loved, George Clooney, have we hated), Ms. Dunham complains about how she is also being forced to tweet on top of her stressful job as a writer (ostensibly, by those droves of fans who are holding a gun to her head and coercing wit out of her, 140 characters at a time):

I feel like I miss a little bit the old – I mean it was kind of pre my career – but the idea that you made something, you put out a book or you put out a movie, and then you went into hibernation. You had your experience of preparing to put the next thing into the world. And that doesn't exist, because people are blogging and tweeting.

At the time of publication, Ms. Dunham has 7,181 tweets and 945 Instagram photos, all of which she has posted on her own, no doubt under great duress.