Millennial actress Lena Dunham recently "deleted Twitter" because she is "trying to create a safer space for herself emotionally." Now, Instagram is her choice of platform for sharing her thoughts with the world. Today, Dunham explains at length on the photo-sharing platform the non-racist way she confusing Lil' Jon with Lil' Wayne.

Dunham's Instagram Crash moment began here, when she shared this list of celeb spottings at Sundance, creating the sense that she is "famous" but also "just like you and your friends":

Rapper Lil' Wayne, who appears on this list, is not at Sundance. Had she seen, maybe, rapper Lil' Jon? Dunham clarified the mistake, deploying wacky hashtags to indicate the light-heartedness with which she was taking the silly goof-up:


Lil Jon IS in Utah say sources (aka instagram comments.) And yes, we wrote him onto our list as Wayne. As Jenni says, blame is on the aaaaaltitude#blameitontheaaaltitude #redeye #amiawake?

In the same spirit of carefree and unconcerned nonchalance, Dunham elaborated several hours later with an anecdote relating the exact events of the confusion:


This layover in Atlanta is a great time to tell you Jenni & I know the difference between Lil Wayne & Lil Jon. Wayne could lick me like a lollipop and is beloved by Nicki. I met Jon when he generously created a Rock The Vote video and he was a delight. When we got of the plane in Park City Jenni said "I saw Lil—" and I shrieked "WAYNE!?" and added him to our celeb list. End of story. PS This is Wayne's (ex?) girl Dhea who will be my blizzard fashion inspiration. PPS I can always trust my gang of Internet friends to go hard and that's why I 😍 you and you make me crazy

Dunham considerately includes photos of each musician with her post, as if to say, but c'mon, you can see how we'd get mixed up.

The matter was slightly confused by a third, quickly deleted followup (below, left) that was replaced by something unrelated (below, right):

We'll keep watching Lena Dunham's Instagram to learn more.

Top photos: Getty