Remember when we watched Glee? And liked it? 2009, what a time.

In episode 11 of the show's first season, "Ballads," Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) sings "Endless Love" with the glee club instructor, Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison). It was little awkward (and not just because Rachel develops a crush on Mr. Schue after singing it), but was also a great example of the outré sexuality that underpins any Ryan Murphy show (see: Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story).

After denying it for years, Lea Michele reveals in her forthcoming book, Brunette Ambition, that, yes, she and Matthew Morrison did date — briefly and before they were on Glee. From US Weekly:

"When we shot the pilot, I met Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, and Chris Colfer for the first time," Michele writes. "I had worked on Broadway with Jenna Ushkowitz and Matthew Morrison before. Matt had been a friend of mine for years, and in fact we'd actually dated back in the day for a Broadway beat."

Of course, Michele did go on to date one of her co-stars: Cory Monteith, who died of a drug overdose last year.

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