Have you looked at Kim Kardashian's Twitter feed today? Of course you have. She's updated the world on a new character in her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood iPhone game, retweeted a compliment Piers Morgan paid her husband, and then chatted with an account that wants her to molest it.

Kimmmyyy!! QUEEN!!! What?

A little digging reveals that Kim is actually quite friendly with @MolestMeKardash. The account, which appears to be run by one living, prolific, and overzealous Kardashian fan, is one of 127 that Kim follows. Kim Kardashian does not have time to keep up with every single person on Twitter, but one person whose takes and opinions she refuses to miss is @MolestMeKardash.

She's tweeted at the molestation-friendly Twitter handle four times this month already.

She's expressed gratitude to it.

She's told it about her piano lessons.

She's responded to one of its retweets.

In the "flight to London" tweet at the top of this post, she initiated the conversation with @MolestMeKardash, responding to a tweet in which she has not been tagged.

Kim first tweeted to @MolestMeKardash two years ago, when she told @MolestMeKardash that she loves it.

"Love you too," said Kim Kardashian to the sexual abuse-themed Twitter handle.

It's nice to have friends.

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