Fending off the most odious of bad Sundance vibes, Keanu Reeves spoke graciously about being pitched non-non-nonstop at the totally magnificent shindig for his latest cinematic venture Knock Knock.

Page Six quotes a most trustworthy witness of Reeves' Sundance pitch-attracting bodacious magnetism:

"I stood by him for 10 minutes and he got pitched two movies. One was for a Wes Craven picture."

Ah, most incontrovertible mathematic proof that Mr. Reeves receives one pitch every five minutes at Sundance, half of which are for heinous Wes Craven pictures.

Reeves himself, forever a stellar dude, spoke resplendently to Page Six about the non-non-unsolicited pitches:

"It's one of the great things about a film festival."

Once again Reeves calls to mind that most harmonious phrase: Be excellent to each other.

[image via Getty]