For the second time in just two days, Keanu Reeves was host to a home intruder who entered his Los Angeles home through an open door.

TMZ reports Reeves didn't have the chance to cooly interact with this intruder, as he did with the woman he found in his library, because he wasn't home at the time of the visit.

Luckily for the intruder, the cleaning crew who found her were also fairly chill, allowing her to jump in his shower and take a skinny dip in the pool before calling Reeves to let him know he had a visitor. It is unclear from TMZ's report why the cleaning crew didn't call the police themselves—maybe they assumed the nude woman strolling around Reeves home without him was a friend?— but the actor, from wherever he was, then called 911.

The skinny dipping home intruder, like the library visiting home intruder, was reportedly taken away for mental evaluation.

Did Keanu Reeves lose his house keys?

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