Katie Holmes: What does she look like? If you’ve begun to describe the “classic” image of Katie Holmes we’ve seen in media such as Dawson’s Creek, please do me a favor and shut your mouth because clearly you have no idea about Katie Holmes’ capacity for disguise and I have no patience for ignorance.

The answer to “What does Katie Holmes look like?” is, in fact: “she is multitudinous; she exists as all and as one; she owns a wig; she owns a hat; I don’t know what she looks like; it could be anything; changing from moment to moment, never at rest.”

Here’s what she looked like one time when she went to see her boyfriend Jamie Foxx, from US Weekly:

A source tells Us Weekly that for a recent L.A. rendezvous with boyfriend of two years, Jamie Foxx, the Ray Donovan actress, 36, “put on a wig and hat to meet him at a hotel.”


Something like this:

Not what you thought she looked like, is it?

She could be anywhere.

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