Take a second, close your eyes, and picture Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. What are they doing? Snogging? Ugh. It is so typical you to picture Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio doing something they've never done, not even once in their entire lives.

In an interview with Marie Claire UK, Kate Winslet spoke about her why her friendship with Leonardo Dicaprio works, surviving all these years. Why do you think it works? Oh my god. Do you think it works because they share a love of snogging each other? Jesus christ, what is wrong with you. From Marie Claire UK:

"I think the reason that friendship works is because there was never any romantic thing. It's so disappointing for people to hear that—

She's talking about you, specifically.

—because in the soap opera of the Kate and Leo story we fell in love at first sight and had a million snogs, but actually we never did. He always saw me as one of the boys. I've never really been a girly-girl."

See? She's never been a girly-girl, and they've never even shared one snog, let alone a million. Give me a break, man.

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