Kate Bosworth. It all started out great for her: accepted into Princeton, two different colored eyes, a starring role in Blue Crush, a relationship with Orlando Bloom. But then what happened? She fell victim to the ravages of the mid-aughts, much like the rest of us.

But things are not all bad for Kate. She has a thin husband, and she recently designed a collection of shoes, which premiered yesterday at a Nordstrom in Los Angeles. The press was there.

“I wanted to think about footwear that is directional and also comfortable. I like my shoes to have a bit of personality,” Kate said. (She is wearing the Dawn platform, $378.95.)

Husband Michael Polish joined Kate for the shoe launch. He did not wear the shoes.

There she is, international celebrity and shoe designer Kate Bosworth, hair like hay, hand on your baby.

Kate is very proud of her shoes. Do you like them?

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