When you're a god like Kanye West, you don't go to performances, performances come to you. Just ask Aziz Ansari about the time he performed in Kanye's living room to a small crowd of drunk people. So who's next in Yeezy's self-serving version of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee? David Blaine showing him some card tricks, of course.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, not Criss Angel will be bringing his latest ABC special Real or Magic? into your living rooms by first going into the living rooms of his famous friends. Very meta. Blaine's down-home approach is to show that magic just might be real, especially when you take away all the glitz and glamour of being on stage. (Spoiler alert: It's not real.)

In addition to Kanye, Blaine will be peforming for other celebrities, including Harrison Ford, Woody Allen, Olivia Wilde, Stephen Hawking, and former president George W. Bush. Some free thoughts on how Blaine could make this better:

  • Make all of the Kardashian's disappear, except of course, Nori and the Disicks
  • Finally put Kanye and George Dubya back in the same room (reconciliation magic!)
  • Force Kanye to react in any way other than how Aziz thinks black people react to magic

Real or Magic will air during November sweeps to attempt to pull off the greatest trick of all: make people care about network television.