Given Andy Warhol's iconic quote "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes," it's no surprise that Kanye West is a big Warhol fan. Which is precisely why he's commissioning Warhol to paint a portrait of his animatronic sex doll fiancee Kim Kardashian—except Andy is long since dead, and the piece is a knockoff made by a batshit crazy distant relative of the artist.

As Page Six reports, Monica Warhol calls herself a cousin of Andy's (her grandfather and Andy's father were brothers), though she never met the artist himself, who died when she was 10. Aside from being an artist, Monica is also completely bananas, which makes her a perfect match for Kanye.

According to her website, she took up art after taking art classes at Pima Community College in Tuscon, Arizona. As she told Page Six, she never knew what Andy's work was like, yet magically her style mimicks his quite closely—especially her own Campbells soup can artwork, which she shows off in an interview from a licensing convention. Monica, who once sold Flo Rida two paintings to be used in a music video, is also convinced that her job as an artist is more difficult than having cancer. "It would be easier to get cancer, because there might be a cure. When you're an artist, that's it. You can't change it."

In addition to peddling distant relative knockoffs, according to one of three biographies on her website, Monica is also currently trying to create a reality show with a no-name producer about her craft, her fiance, and her six children.

Kanye West has made a name for himself for attempting to masquerade his asshole tendencies as the machinations of a misunderstood avant garde artist, but after a failed attempt at a highly touted fashion line, and complete lack of clout with Vogue chief Anna Wintour, maybe it's time to conclude that he just has really, really bad taste.