Did you go to Justin Timberlake's "celebrity-friendly" Italian restaurant Destino in New York City during the year 2013? If so, a new lawsuit filed by Destino against its insurers may interest you. The lawsuit alleges that twice during 2013, pipes burst, "drenching the walls and premises with human waste." Eeep!

Destino closed in 2013, citing "flooding problems." But at the time, Timberlake and his partners did not specify the contents of the floods: poop. According to Page Six:

[In July 2o13,] illegal plumbing pipes ruptured above the restaurant, drenching the walls and premises with human waste, the suit alleges.

The insurance company rushed Destino to reopen in November 2013, the suit claims, but a few days after re-launching, a pipe fell from the basement ceiling and drenched a recently stocked food area with sewage, which led to a mold infestation.

Yum. All best to Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, who should definitely stop investing in restaurants.

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