Despite everyone's best hopes and intentions, the saga of Justin Bieber's crotch is far from over. Last week, new evidence arose suggesting that the swaggy singing sensation may actually have—as he has previously claimed—a large penis.

Here is a paparazzi photo taken in L.A. this past Sunday of Bieber, looking like the only fuckable Red Hot Chili Pepper ever, slinking around the backyard of his new glass palace with rumored new flame Kendall Jenner.

Literally nothing in this photo is interesting except..............

Yes. Well. Hmmm.

Previously, I speculated that Bieber's penis is "perfectly average." In light of this new evidence, which shows Bieber sporting what appears to be a decently sized semi, I am willing to amend that statement.

Perhaps Justin Bieber—and his trainer who swears he has a huge dick and the Brazilian model he allegedly bedded—were right after all.

We will continue to observe and record.