He has joked about fucking his friend's mom, gotten swung on in an Italian restaurant and, of course, pissed in a mop bucket. There is nothing too low-rent for Justin Bieber, and now we can add this one to the list: last night in Los Angeles, he got into a fight at a Dave & Buster's.

Dave & Buster's, if for some reason you are unfamiliar, is where one might go to drink bad cocktails, eat fried food and play arcade games all at the same time, for a price that will always add up to "not worth it." It is here, at a D&B location at the famed L.A. tourist trap Hollywood & Highland Center, where Bieber is said to have taken a swipe at a fellow patron filming a cellphone video of him and his girlfriend-we-think Selena Gomez.

Per TMZ:

Justin and Selena Gomez were at Dave & Buster's Monday night when a fan starting taking cellphone pics and video of the two. Law enforcement sources say ... Justin lunged at the guy ... in an attempt to take his cellphone and presumably erase the pics and video.

Justin's security held him back and he never made contact with the fan.

Police were called but before they arrived Justin booked it out of there.

Though police sources told the Daily Mail that the incident was a "big lot of nothing," Gossip Cop—yes, those are sirens you're hearing—says it has obtained a video in which a woman says Bieber "backhand slapped" the woman making the recording.

Making this incident a bit trickier is that Bieber is currently on probation stemming from a DUI charge he picked up in Miami. The parameters of that probation require Bieber attend 12 hours of anger management classes, and nothing quite says "I need to attend anger management classes" like getting into a fight at a Dave & Buster's.

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