Does he deserve it? Santa says yes.

Flying in the face of public expectation, Santa decided to bestow a new private jet upon good little boy Justin Bieber—that's right, we said good little boy!— this Christmas. The boy documented his stellar gift on Instagram:

"New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful," he writes. And he's not wrong! People notes the jet has "luxe cream leather seats and a shiny dark-paneled interior." Some are, of course, shocked at the decision to include Justin Beiber on the good list this year, noting that he left his monkey to die, egged his neighbor's house, got into a fight at Dave&Busters, made a plea deal to avoid a DUI charge, got into a fight with Orlando Bloom, allegedly cut lines at Disneyland in an unnecessary wheelchair, was racist, was sorry he got caught being racist, licked a stripper's nipple, had his other jet detained for pot smell, was charged with assault, and was arrested for drag racing.

More, still, were upset with Santa's decision to give Bieber a private jet after only giving them socks:

But the big man in red put his name on the good list, and we just don't have the authority to question it.

One question we do have, though, Santa: How'd you fit it under the tree?! ;) ;)

[image via Getty]