Glee is a mess. Its stars have fought each other and gotten their Twitter accounts hacked, and no one watches the show anymore. Now, as the show gears up for its sixth and final season, it can't even die a dignified death.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that the final season has been cut nearly in half. Originally scheduled to run for 22 episodes (whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?), Glee will now bow out with just 13 episodes. Sources told THR that the decision was a mutual one between the network and Glee's creators:

Sources tell THR that Murphy sat down with the network and studio 20th Century Fox Television to discuss the best way to end the series and decided that the story would be best told in one final run of 13 consecutive episodes.

Here's the best way to end Glee: never broadcast another episode. It's really that simple. Pay out the contracts of the cast and crew and let Glee's dwindling fanbase pretend that the characters all lived happily ever after, which is better than the reality of them being trapped inside a dreary show that everyone wants to end as quickly as possible.

Even high schoolers know you're supposed to rip the Band-Aid off.

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