Reality TV participant and sad dad of eight Jon Gosselin recently got evicted from his rural Pennsylvania home, according to Us Weekly. To make matters worse, a source tells the mag that he and his girlfriend broke up. Guess VH1's Couples Therapy didn't work.

Gosselin apparently hasn't been able to find steady work, which left him unable to make payments. After working as a waiter and airing his relationship troubles on VH1, he got a job with a credit card company, but that only "lasted a few months."

US Weekly's source (the groundhog that lives under Gosselin's now-empty home?) points out that Gosselin's eviction is bad news for him as a parent:

He can see his kids. But they can't stay over because he has nowhere to put them.

He can see them. But where will he put them? Not on the Today show, at least.

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