After John Oliver spent eight weeks this summer filling in for The Daily Show host Jon Stewart who was off filming his directorial debut Rosewater (and not living out a live action Lord of the Rings roleplay, as Oliver would have had you believe), many were convinced that those 32 episodes were a mark that he'd soon be taking over Stewart's seat. HBO moved quickly and announced today that Oliver would be hosting a weekly comedy talk show for their network, set to premiere next year.

According to the press release, Oliver's new show will also offer a satirical look at news and current events, much like The Daily Show. Oliver deadpanned that his reasoning behind joining was for the free HBO, and thanked Comedy Central and everyone at The Daily Show for the last seven years, namely Stewart. "But most of all, I'd like to thank Jon Stewart. He taught me everything I know. In fact, if I fail in the future, it's entirely his fault."

Oliver's untitled show will be similar to one of another talk show host, who also defected over from Comedy Central: Bill Maher. Real Time With Bill Maher currently tapes and airs live on Friday nights, and is currently in its 11th season.