Jerry Ferarra, rumored to be a major reason why the Entourage movie hit some very public snags and target of some serious Mark Wahlberg snark, is already chatting up with the press who he wants to stunt cast in the film. But the role he wants Kevin Durant to take on? Seems pretty similar to the roles a few pro basketball players just played in one of his last films, Think Like A Man.

His 2012 comedy had appearances from then Laker players Metta World Peace, Shannon Brown, and Matt Barnes, as well as Lisa Leslie, Darren Collison, and Rasual Butler, who showed up to school Ferrara and his friends in a game of pickup basketball. What role does he want Durant to play?

I could see like, Kevin Durant, giving my character like free throw help. Or just like jump shooting help for his pickup basketball game...I like when athletes come on and Tom Brady was kind of a rival to us. Make KD kind of a rival to us.

While that's suuuuch a Turtle thing to say, can you blame him? Hanging out with some of the NBA's finest is the only reason someone would want to even do Entourage, right?