Interviewing Jennifer Lawrence must be an entertainment reporter's wet dream. You never know when she'll throw a faux tantrum, comfort a crying fan, share romantic tales of butt plugs and pants shitting, or freak out when meeting Jeff Bridges. But just when we think we've seen it all from our best friend JLaw, she gets pissed and calls a Homeland-ruining reporter a "monster."

While on the red carpet for Saturday's Screen Actors Guild awards, an Access Hollywood reporter forced a nervous Lawrence to meet Homeland's Damian Lewis when she admitted she's watched "two seasons of Homeland twice." After endearing Lawrence shenanigans ensue (face hiding, awkward hugs, references to vasovagal response, probable confusion re: Sgt. Brody's new British accent), both reporters on the red carpet spoil the most recent season of Homeland.

Lawrence freaks the fuck out and nearly cries, telling her reporter she's "past mad" and that she'll "never forgive" her. It's all hilarious and sad and uncomfortable. Really really uncomfortable.

Here's the spoiler-filled video:

[h/t Uproxx]