Jennifer Garner, who used to wear wigs on Alias, has presumably been sitting on the story of her life as an avid streaker for years now, based on the enthusiasm and faux aw-shucks she brought to Conan last night. I'm promoting two movies, she probably said to herself in her dressing room mirror. I can finally tell this story...

When Conan inquires why she lead a band of streakers during her time doing summer stock theatre at the beginning of her acting career, she simply replies, "I was just in a naked frame of mind."

But Jennifer Garner—who is promoting two movies, remember?—has more stories! When she's not starring in adaptations of children's books with Steve Carell, she is starring in the domestic tales of her well-documented life as Ben Affleck's wife. The Affleck-Garner household, namely their lawn, she tells Conan, has been besieged by rat-infested ivy. But while father Ben is off playing Batman, mother Jennifer devises a clever trick to remove that pesky, fecund overgrowth of weeds in her Los Angeles yard: Goats. She rented a herd of more than 100 goats to eat the ivy in her yard. Jennifer makes goats noises for like a minute and a half and you know what, it is weird.

[H/T Us Weekly // Image via Getty]