Things aren't coming up roses for NBC President of Entertainment, Jen Salke. Just hours after Defamer posted a profile about her powder-hitting, ghost-hunting ways, we received this tip from a source who works on NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show. (The claim was subsequently backed up by someone familiar with the situation.)

[Salke was] late for the Michael J. Fox pilot table read, a read he had specifically taken the proper dosage [for] to be as good as he can be Parkinson's wise for the read.

The tipster goes on to share the fact that when in L.A. for other table reads, Salke is always lost, and then teeters in extremely late in insanely high heels, complaining about how far she had to walk from her preferred parking spot to said table read.

As anyone who has had the soul-crushing joy of working on a pilot knows, pilot table reads are already fraught with anxiety: they're the first real barometer of whether your show deserves a pickup or not. Fucking with MJF's ability to give the best read possible? Oy ve.