Of course, we all know that Shannen Doherty hates limos. She has never liked them, in part because she thinks they're embarrassing and grotesque. Yes, yes, we know. But do you know that Jason Priestley reached out to Shannen Doherty on Twitter, attempting to apologize for accusing her of not hating limos in his memoir? It's true.

The actor and writer responded yesterday to Shannen Doherty's theory that he incurred brain damage from a racing accident, causing him to forget whether or not Shannen hates limos, resulting in a factual error in his 2014 memoir.

Here he is:

Jason Priestley, do you not even remember accusing Shannen of not hating limos in your own 2014 memoir—a memoir that you wrote and published just last year?

Jason Priestley, again: I must insist that you see a doctor. Please listen to me.

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