It would be much easier for 50 Shades of Grey stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson to openly despise each other if the exact nature of their film did not require the publication of highly ridiculous photos like this upcoming spread in W, in which they show off one of the film's legendarily kinky sex positions: man on top.

The photo set features 10 behind the scenes images from the movie, captured by director Sam Taylor-Johnson who also provides captions. For the above photo (which is cropped to PG-13 dimensions on the W website), Taylor-Johnson notes that "there were probably 10 to 15 people in the room. It's an incredibly intimate shot in an unintimate setting." Have you heard that Dornan and Johnson had to simulate sex in front of strangers, who were there to shoot a major motion picture, whereas normally when you have sex, there are no strangers in the room watching you? The situations are different, and that is why the actors are uncomfortable.

Here is a shot of Dornan and Johnson "relaxing" on set:

Says Taylor-Johnson: "[This] is the best of my stills. Dakota holds all the power."

Let's all pretend that this photo of the movie's stars staring off into the distance as if they're mentally organizing exactly what they'll do the second they get to leave the set is, as intended, a ringing endorsement for the mysterious seduction of 50 Shades of Grey.

And here is perhaps a perfect encapsulation of the chemistry between the new faces of erotica: naked Johnson on the floor and, also, the verge of falling asleep; Dornan gazing out of a window, perhaps wondering, once and for all, what it would feel like to finally just... jump.

We share their unbridled excitement at the prospect of more simulated sex the next two films.

[Images via Getty // Sam Taylor-Johnson/W Magazine // Twitter]