Despite his best efforts, James Franco was spotted at a Broadway show recently—or was he? He was. He was wearing a disguise!

One thing that even us disgusting, garbage-eating troll nobodies can say for sure about being a celebrity is: When you're a celebrity, a number of people know what your face looks like (typically). One way celebrities attempt to combat that knowledge is by wearing incredible disguises. You get it. Page Six has the scoop on James Franco's recent foray into the art of Hollywood illusion:

Spies at "Hand to God" said Franco was hiding under "giant sunglasses and a hat pulled down to eye level. It would have been subtler if he had worn a name tag."

One wag joked, "It reminded me of the time I sat behind Marlon Brando wearing a tunic and braided wig at 'Children of a Lesser God' [in 1980]."

"One wag joked, 'I have a name-drop to shoehorn in—lemme just [in 1980],'" give me a break.

Anyway, photos of James Franco in his disguise are, sadly, unavailable. However, we were able to produce a few sketches based on the information provided by Page Six's spies, to give you a better idea of what the Interview star may have looked like during his night on the town.

Please, take these for what they are—sketches (more or less), rather than actual photographs of James Franco at Hand to God:

Photorealistic Rendering:

Composite Photo:

So, that's probably what he looked like.

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