Scoooorrreeee YEAH: 51-year-old actor Johnny Depp and his friend, 40-year-old musician Ryan Adams, are allegedly hooking up with sisters. People reports that Ryan has recently taken up with Whitney Heard, the younger sister of Johnny's new 28-year-old wife Amber Heard. Up top!

Here's the situation:

Johnny and Ryan are friends who like to play music and jam together. Ryan told the Wall Street Journal last year that sometimes when they jam, it lasts for nine hours.

Johnny recently got married (to Amber).

Ryan recently got divorced (from Mandy Moore).

Now Ryan is reportedly dating Amber's sister (Whitney) (on right).

A source tells People, "It all happened so quickly. They didn't see it coming, but they seem happy together."

The "they" the source refers to is the alleged new couple, Ryan and Whitney, but it could also refer to all of us.

For his part, Ryan is shying away from the report that he is dating the younger sister of his famous friend's 28-year-old wife. His rep tells People the story is "not true." I say, no need to be bashful about something so dope!

Best wishes to all involved.

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