After finally recovering from the onslaught of complaints they received after Destiny Hope Cyrus smeared her burgeoning latex-clad sexuality all over Jason Seaver's son, the FCC is back in action. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl is still three months away and winter is upon us, so most middle fingers have stayed firmly gloved and nipples have been tucked back into their brassieres. Fear not, the censorship giants have decided to go after America's favorite ginger: Conan O'Brien.

A report from Variety states that TBS' Conan was recently fined $25,000 for a commercial that used emergency weather alert tones to promote a Jack Black appearance. The promo in question was post-Hurricane Irene and pre-Hurricane Sandy, so in O'Brien's defense, at this point, emergency weather alerts were just something interrupted regularly scheduled People's Court programming every so often on WGN America.

The ad aired back in April of 2012, but as M.I.A. can explain better than anyone, the FCC has never been quite known for their speed and efficiency.